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One day, we decided to buy a 125 year old Victorian House in Des Moines, Iowa…….

Day 17 – Minimalism Game – Skin Care Products Part 1 November 17, 2013

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wpid-20131117_003729.jpgI have a feeling there will be part 2, based on how I feel when I look at all the products I think I will someday use in the bathroom presently, but for right now, I’m getting rid of the skin and hair car products that I bought before I had to switch brands for my rosacea. Not sure WHY I’m holding onto this stuff…I guess I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Well, it’s leaving now.


Day 16 – Minimalism Game – Collectibles

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wpid-20131117_003621.jpgI don’t want to collect china, or Maytag miniatures, or any of this stuff. It’s going to Ebay, along with the rest of my cast of clothes. 16 more items out the door.

Check back tomorrow for listings: http://www.ebay.com/usr/djotzke


Day 15 – Minimalism Game – What Do You Do With… November 15, 2013

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wpid-20131117_002531.jpgCan we just talk about it? If you’re obsessed with not wasting things, what the heck do you do with your kids’ outgrown underwear? Yeah, let’s get weird. Ewww…not like that. Just, seriously, like everything else, they outgrow stuff long before it’s worn out, the you have a pile of underwear that’s perfectly fine, but donating undies just seems weird. So yeah, ex-undie sizes, I give up, you and I are parting ways. Done.

Halfway through the month. Just getting warmed up.


Day 14 – Minimalism Game – Kids Clothes Are (Not) Taking Over November 14, 2013

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wpid-20131116_212554.jpgI have the only granddaughter and grandson on both sides of our family. Sure, I’d rather have tons of nieces and nephews, but instead, I have two awesome kids that want for nothing. They have plenty of toys and a great collection of clothing, especially my daughter, who gets hand-me-downs from a friend with excellent taste in clothes. This is a wonderful thing, until they outgrow them. We are still planning to have another child, but it’s taking a little longer than planned to make that plan happen, so what started as a few boxes of extra clothes is now an out of control wild prairie of Rubbermaid boxes across the preserve of our 1000 SF attic. It’s not OK.

So I’m starting slow….a box of my shoes that don’t fit anymore and pants that aren’t at all special cast off by my son, sizes 3-5T. They’re for sale on my Minimalism sale on Facebook. Get these things out of my house folks, right here: https://www.facebook.com/tanyakeith/media_set?set=a.10202251802514841.1073741831.1183778292&type=3

Also, the Ebay page: http://www.ebay.com/usr/djotzke#

Please, buy our stuff.


Day 13 – Minimalism Game – Spice Girl November 13, 2013

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wpid-20131112_213054.jpgI have a problem. I have cool stuff I could sell, but I seem to get lost in the thought of how complicated it would be to sell it. I will have to find it, clean it, photograph it, list it for sale, meet with the buyer….ugh…it’s all so complicated. I will put it off forever. I will sometimes donate things I know I could sell, just because it’s so much easier. What I’m learning through this minimalism is that inaction can be just as draining as action. Seeing stuff time after time and having to think, “ugh, there’s that X again. Someday I’ll get rid of X” takes energy, energy I was expending over and over again.

Case in point: The spice rack from our first home. We used to have a house with no cabinet space, but a fair amount of counter space, so we moved everything we could out of drawers and into counter based storage solutions, such as this lovely spice rack. I thought it was so cool looking, and I loved the part it played in our first home. Now we have a home with plenty of drawer and cabinet space, but very little free counter space, so I moved the spices into one of the drawers, but couldn’t seem to let go of my little rack when I unpacked the kitchen stuff.

But 12 jars and a rack….that’s 13 items, if I could just force myself to clean it out and list it. So I dumped the several year old spices, cleaned the jars, photographed and posted. In the end, it didn’t take that long, and once it was posted, it didn’t take long for it to sell and the drop off was seamless. The lesson: less stuff and more cash in my pocket is the way to go. I promise you, there will be more to come!


Day 6 – Minimalism Game – GET OUT! November 6, 2013

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kitchen lightTechnically, it’s one thing, but this 6 arm chandelier has been sitting in the corner of my dining room since I changed out the kitchen fixture 6 months ago, and Thanksgiving is around the corner. I’m not sure why it bugs me so much to list things for sale. It’s just annoying, getting the photos, measurements, writing the ad, posting the ad, dealing with the calls about the items…ugh. But this thing is worth more than $5, and I should sell it before one of my kids or cats breaks it! Listed for sale, buyer coming to see it tomorrow! HOORAY!! Get out of my house!


Day 5 – Minimalism Game – Cheap Hangers Must Go November 5, 2013

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wpid-20131104_195636.jpgThe great closet cleanout continues. This time, dry cleaner hangers must go! I know, kinda a weak post, but there’s a bunch more that we’ve listed for sale that will hopefully be gone soon. And my closet with nothing but seasonal clothes that fit and I would actually wear….amazing. Takes so much less time to get dressed now!