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One day, we decided to buy a 125 year old Victorian House in Des Moines, Iowa…….

New Writing Partner, Thanks to the Animal Rescue League July 24, 2012

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We decided it was time to bring a new friend into the house. We had taken in a cat that couldn’t be cared for by his previous family, and when he ran away, the kids were heartbroken, and we were missing our mouser/birder. (Sometime this year we’ll get the roof work done, but until then, the attic is one giant birdhouse.) While looking for our lost cat at the Animal Rescue League, we peeked at the cats up for adoption, and saw Pumpernickel. He was hanging on the side of his cage, seeming desperate to come home with us, and his determination paid off. We haven’t set him loose on the attic, but he does seem to be a great cat for my writing. Sleeps with me, but not on the keyboard….we’re off to a great start. Welcome, Pumpernickel. Thanks for picking us.


If you’re in Des Moines, the ARL has too many kittens and cats right now. Please consider going to see if anyone is hanging on the side of a cage, waiting to go home with you.



Meet Pumpernickel, Hatton House Kitten July 6, 2012

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imageHere’s the thing: I hate being sad. Sad sucks, and I was really sad about our chickens. It’s been a rough summer generally with my Dad and Sis both in the hospital for a while, and I had just about had it with sadness. So, we adopted a kitten from the Animal Rescue League! Meet Pumpernickel, our new 10 week old kitten! He’s doing great, still in his 2 week 1 room quarantine, but as you can see, the kids love playing with him, and the grown up sneak him downstairs for snuggles after the kids go to bed. We found out while we were adopting that the ARL is looking for foster homes for pets as well as permanent homes. So if you’re needing a little adorable kitten in your life, you can do it with or without the lifelong commitment! I highly recommend it…kitten cuteness in real life > kitten cuteness on Facebook.


Homemade Heat Wave Popsicles July 4, 2012

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imageWe are in the middle of an unbearable heat wave, and the kids are bugging me for anything cold about once an hour. (The Hatton House has window AC units, which are more than adequate….until the temp gets over the mid-90s. After that, it’s just hot). I really can’t stand loading them up on high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors to cool them down, since my kids tend to get hyper when they eat fake food…and no one wants hyped up kids in a heat wave!

I went back to what my mom used to do for us in the summer: Homemade Freezer popsicles. No disrespect to my mom, who would freeze orange juice in Tupperware popsicle molds and call it done, but I wanted to up the ante a bit. I got the anti-oxidant frozen fruit blend from Costco and some Stoneyfield Farms yogurt and blended it. We had smoothies right away, and the rest I poured into silicone molds and the old school Tupperware molds. The result: happy and healthy snacking kiddo! I think in the next batch, I’m going to try almond milk for my dairy free girl.


How We Celebrate Flag Day at the Historic Hatton House June 14, 2012

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imageWe know, when this house was finished 125 years ago, the flag only had 38 stars. Please forgive out inaccuracy. This is the 20×30′ “Midwest Mama” flag that covers American Outlaws supporters in soccer stadiums around the USA.


Some Women Bring Knitting to Soccer Practice, I Bring Wood to Scrape Paint April 16, 2012

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