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First Floor Bath Progress! February 28, 2012

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First floor bathroom tile wall...I'm in love!

When we told people about the Hatton House, the most common comment was something like “3250 SF and only one bathroom?” In the day to day running of the house, one bathroom isn’t that bad (so thankful we haven’t had any stomach flus!) but if we want to host more public events and transition to a B&B, we needed to add a few bathrooms. We started with a half bath on the first floor, with contracting covered as a housewarming gift from my parents (thanks Mom and Dad!) While I’m excited to have facilities on the first floor, I most excited that I finally got to bring my glass tile fantasies into reality! We did a glass tile accent in our previous house, but I really wanted to do a glass tile accent in a new bathroom. The accent turned into a whole wall, which I’m now in love with.

When I was a kid, we had a half bath the had a world map on the wall, and I used to love to study it. This tile wall is like that, but in abstract. The glass is¬†iridescent 1/2″ squares of clear, green, blue, and copper colors. You can find shapes and patterns, and the color-play is just perfect. I’ll be blissed out on it until it keeps people in there too long and I have to add another bathroom to the house to compensate!