Hatton House Diaries

One day, we decided to buy a 125 year old Victorian House in Des Moines, Iowa…….

Almost Back From Vacation March 26, 2013

Filed under: Family Stuff — hattonhousedsm @ 8:21 pm

I had a flurry (I’m cracking myself up…just wait) of activity on my blog last week, setting up my home art studio and the studio portion of this website, and then went dark for a week. I was traveling to and from Denver, Colorado, for my other passion, following US Soccer. My family and I went to “The Battle of the Hoth,” a snowy soccer match between the US and Costa Rica in qualifying match for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. If you’d like to know more about our soccer travels, head on over to Soccer Family Style, and follow our adventures there. I’ll be back to work on the house soon, I promise….right after tonight’s game vs Mexico.


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