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One day, we decided to buy a 125 year old Victorian House in Des Moines, Iowa…….

The Best Kitchen Towels Make the Best Drywall Sponges February 6, 2013

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imageWhen we moved into the Hatton House, I decided I was too old for mismatched, worn out kitchen towels, so I invested in several nice (read: not cheap) towels from my favorite locally owned kitchen store, Kitchen Collage. My favorites were these thick, orange towels from nowdesigns. One of those towels was damp, and had been tossed on the floor, waiting to be carried up to laundry when I needed something damp to wipe down some drywall dust. I used the towel (hearing my mother cringe from a thousand miles away) and it was way too effective. I’d been finish sponging the drywall, to know down the dust and smooth out the final few edges. The sponge kept filling with dust, and was taking forever to wash between uses, but the towel could be folded several times so you could flip to a clean side over and over. It’s my new favorite trick for finishing drywall, and when washed immediately, came clean. I do suggest getting your own dedicated drywall towel, because I’m pretty sure if my husband had done the same thing, I would have been pissed he used my good towels for construction.


Back Hall Tear Out January 1, 2013

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imageAs referenced in our fridge post,  we needed to switch around our kitchen layout a bit. The house’s back stairs turned where you see the blue steps end and went into the kitchen. In place of this hole, was the refrigerator, which meant a long walk whenever you needed something cold. The cool thing in this demo was tearing into the stair walls, and finding evidence that the stairs used to also turn right and go into what used to be Dr. John Hatton’s office. Once we got the tear out done, we framed the wall behind the new in-kitchen (fancy!) refrigerator, and started the stair build. We’d like to add stair drawers like the ones here, but at least for now, we have usable stair treads. Drywall is up next!


Drywall Crimes March 10, 2012

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imageCats and drywall do not mix. I cleaned up the cat crime scene footprints three times before I just gave up and waited to clean until after the drywall was finished.