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Help Design Our New Kitchen Island! February 7, 2013

We’ve got a fully functioning kitchen. It was almost everything we could want: plenty of storage, big fridge, soon-to-be dream range, dishwasher, big eat in space. What it doesn’t have is a permanent island, and since we want a prep sink, we’re going to get one. What I’m having trouble with is, what do you put in a center island in a kitchen that has almost everything?

I got thinking about this while reading The Kitchn’s 10 Easy, Low-Budget Ways to Improve Any Kitchen, because I like idea #6 for pull out shelves. We don’t really have a pantry, so those look like good alternative food storage sites. But I want to hear your ideas. What do you love most about your kitchen (or your friend’s, or the display model at the design center). What do you wish you had?

The potential real estate: around 6.5′ by 3.5′. It must include a prep sink. We want to know: if you were designing your dream kitchen, what “extras” would you add in a new center island?


Operation: Add Counter Space January 3, 2013

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imageWe’re starting to get into all those projects we’ve been talking about doing since we moved into the house. in our walk through while considering the house, we commented that while the kitchen was huge, it only had about 3 linear feet of counter space. The Realtor said that she really didn’t understand why the seller had run the cabinets all the way down, but they had run the granite all the way to the wall, so we could always raise the cabinets if we wanted more space. In the six months we lived in the house before closing, we’d purchased a temporary center island from Ikea, and then customized it to fit our decor, but we still didn’t have much counter for big entertaining, and we were really short on counter with electrical outlet access.

After struggling through Thanksgiving for 10 prep, we decided to tear into the cabinet project. My husband, seen here, and his Dad, a retired structural engineer, worked out the details of how to rearrange the trim and edge pieces, and I discovered that the cubes removed from the top row could beĀ re-purposedĀ over the refrigerator. We emptied the cabinets, raised them, and were pleasantly surprised that it worked aesthetically to have the cabinets to the counters on the right and counter space on the left.

I still have the wood trim left, and I need to decide between tile back splash or granite, but it’s coming together. And baking for New Year’s Eve with all this counter? It was amazing. Not having to go into the freezing cold breakfast nook and stoop down to make coffee? Pure bliss. I’ll probably get my counter more organized at some point, but for now, it’s appliance central up in here!

after kitchen