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The Finale – Minimalism Game December 2, 2013

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One last push…we lost count, but there was at least 200 items in there!

December 1! What a ride! I’m so grateful for this month of decluttering. It has been such an amazing ride, and completely changed how I look at “stuff.” Things that surprised me:

1. How much stuff lives here. We got rid of over 500 things over the past 30 days, I stopped counting the trash stuff, so we went over the daily count. I didn’t even touch my attic, and I still have so much work to do on all the bedrooms. I thought if we did this, my house would feel empty, but in reality, there are corners that feel right, but most of it still feels cluttered. How did we get so much stuff?


Our friend Steve heard Doug had purged several sweaters, and scored himself a whole new wardrobe. Pantless wardrobe, but hey, it’s something!

2. You have to change your thinking. Minimalism Game forced me to rethink clutter. Instead of “but I want that” or “I need to keep that” or “it’s too big a pain to sell that” it was “How am I going to get rid of this stuff fast enough?” Changing my thinking amped up my ability to let stuff go.

3. Clutter takes up too much mental energy. Seriously. I didn’t just get rid of stuff. I got rid of the nagging feeling the stuff created in my mind. Which meant I had time to think about staining my front doors, decluttering the alcove off our bedroom that never really got unpacked when we moved in two years ago, and finally got me to clean out all the too small clothes my son keeps trying to wear to school.

4. Life is too short for all that clutter. We had brunch with our friends Steve and Rachel, and the conversation turned to our decluttering project, and our fears that we will die as hoarders buried beneath piles of architectural magazines. Steve got a bonus of sweaters, and hopefully, the inspiration of Minsgame up their December….or at least January.


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