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Day 19 – Minimalism Game – Did I Seriously Move All These VHS Tapes? November 19, 2013

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wpid-20131117_192638.jpgI guess I thought VHS was making a comeback? Or that we would get a VHS player and I would someday take time to watch this stuff again? Er…again…as if “The Devil’s Own” ever got out of the package. (It was filmed in my hometown, and I think I bought it in a homesick weak moment).

OK, so I kept the videos of my senior year play and our graduation video, which I will convert to DVD, and I’m sad that my FIRM videos are no more, but seriously….when did I ever expect to play these?

This Minimalism stuff is pretty freaking cool. I’ve realized a couple things in this process:

1. I had so much more crap that I DO NOT need than I thought I did. I’ve gotten rid of over 231 items, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of what I need to toss/sell.

2. All that stuff is draining. It sucks the energy out of your life with an emotional weight about 100x it’s physical weight.

3. Getting rid of stuff makes me feel stronger. By doing stuff I’ve been putting off for years, I feel fearless about facing the next big challenge. Who knew getting rid of stuff would be so empowering?

I’m looking forward to seeing how I feel as we get into the big number days, but so far…I’m a huge fan.


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