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There Are Not Enough Kittens on the Internet, Part 1 April 14, 2013

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wpid-2013-04-10_09-56-18_449.jpgI’m sure you’ve all been wondering how Pumpernickel, the Danger Kitten, had been doing. It’s been almost a year since we adopted him from the Animal Rescue League, and he’s turned into a very sweet attention hog around the house, if not around this blog. So I’ll give him a little play time around here. First of all, Pumpers loves to get high. He jumps from counters and shelves to the tops of doors, climbs ladders, you name it. He may look like he’s scared for his life here, but he’s actually trying to reach the string with a bell on the end that’s behind him. (He eventually got it, and I eventually had to pull him down from this perch, as I’m pretty sure he would have stayed there all day).

You can also find Part 2 and 3 here.


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