Hatton House Diaries

One day, we decided to buy a 125 year old Victorian House in Des Moines, Iowa…….

Aviva’s Love – Hatton House Studios Artist Tanya Keith March 18, 2013

Filed under: Hatton House Studios — hattonhousedsm @ 4:06 pm

Aviva's LoveI spent the afternoon doing abstract art with my daughter, Aviva. We were having artistic disagreements, so on this round, we each did our own canvases. This is what it’s like working with Aviva: a giant ball of great creative energy that can’t be directed. Even when she makes me crazy smearing paint all muddy (on the previous canvas) I love her, and even love how she pushes my creative boundaries (to the brink).

Acrylic on 10×20″ canvas, $100


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