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Tools of the Trade – First, Get Your Wife’s Favorite Bowl February 18, 2013

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imageDoug wanted me to write a post about moving the gas line to line up with Thermador specs, so you could see all the tools and various things he did to move the line and still make the floor under the stove look pretty. This photo shows pre-drilled pilot holes in the tile, the tile cutter drill bit he used to cut between the holes, the chisel and hammer he used to dig it all out….it was all very nicely done. But I think this blog post should be about selecting things to make up for what’s NOT in your tool box/work room.

wpid-2013-02-16_02-31-02_877.jpgFor instance, if you find yourself without a 5 gallon bucket or small bucket to mix mortar in, you SHOULD NOT go to the kitchen, and just take whatever bowl you find that looks like a nice size! That is what my husband did many years ago, when he took the biggest bowl of my Tupperware Stack Cooker to mix grout or mortar or whatever he did to permanently ruin the bowl for cooking. It’s kind of funny now (not really) that I’m trying to avoid cooking in the microwave, but at the time, it was the most expensive bowl I owned, and I was plenty pissed off about it. The good news? At least he’s hung onto it all these years, and is still using it as his mortar bowl. He’s pretty great at projects around the house, but now I know to point out every time we used them, which ones are my favorite bowls.  Sigh….


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