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Real Friends Bring a Saws-All to Dinner (UPDATE: Or Sawzall) August 31, 2012

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back stairsWe were wrapping up summer projects at the house when my friend Steve Wilke-Shapiro, who is a designer with Silent Rivers Design Build came over for dinner with our families. We were talking about my next round of projects, and I was showing him my plans to change the direction of my staircase so that I could move my refrigerator into the prep area of the kitchen. I was saying that I was familiar with demo work with lath and plaster from my work at the Greek Lady, but I really didn’t know what I was doing when it came to demolishing drywall.

I should preface this by saying that Steve is a very funny, smart, Jewish man, who knows his stuff about historic preservation. He’s a talented architect, and he’s worked restoration from a paperwork and a hands on perspective. But I wasn’t quite ready for him to say “Hey, you know, I have a saws-all in the back of my car.” I mean, there’s ready to help with a construction project, and then there’s driving around with tools at the ready! So while my husband was picking up the kids from swim lessons, Steve showed me how to cut a stair access through a wall, and by the time the family was back, the fridge was in the kitchen proper (well, it was in the kitchen, it took another few months to drywall everything back to proper).

And then we sat down for family dinner. Best contribution to a potluck dinner ever….until someone brings me a router. (Nah…you really can’t top a saws-all).

UPDATE: Apparently, it’s called Sawzall. Excuse my proper/improper spelling.


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