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Chicken Coop Moving Day! April 30, 2012

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imageWe found a chicken coop on Facebook for the low low price of “you have to move it out of our yard.” When I first went to see it, it didn’t seem like that big a deal, but as we measured and planned, the coop seemed to grow. It’s 4×8′ and wouldn’t fit on my friend’s trailer, which meant that we had to rent a trailer and have several friends help with loading it. You could write a joke about the engineer, the architect, and the contractor trying to figure out how to get this coop out of our benefactor’s back yard without hitting their house, garage, or trees. I deeply regret not getting this exchange on video, but at least I have this photo, with Gregory Barnum (the contractor) getting out of the van, having just moved the coop, while Steve Wilke-Shapiro and my husband, Doug Jotzke (the architect and engineer respectively) were still discussing various clearances and angles. It was pretty classic.

We never would have gotten this thing moved (or have been so entertained) without the help of Steve, who is an architect with Silent Rivers, Gregory Barnum of ConcretEquity, and Mike Hildbrand, who is the President of the River Bend Neighborhood association (although he was helping in unofficial capacity!) You won’t find nicer people to work with/neighbors anywhere!


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