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One day, we decided to buy a 125 year old Victorian House in Des Moines, Iowa…….

Heat Wave! March 15, 2012

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Neighborhood garden party.

A week of unseasonably warm weather was all the excuse I needed to take a break from the interior work and get in a workout in the garden. We had several raised beds for vegetables, but they were over grown with 4+ years of weeds. We cleared a few beds last year, but we still had half of them to go. The ground is wet and soft this time of year, and the warm weather was the perfect excuse to start prepping.

I got through one box before my son and the neighborhood boys he was playing with decided that tearing into weeds was more fun than the swing-set. They were so helpful, ripping out weeds and hauling to the compost pile. By the end of the day, we’d ripped out most of the weeds, and alas, destroyed what was left of the rotted wood walls. One step closer to bountiful garden!


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