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Bathroom Paint Finishes (On the Fly) March 3, 2012

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imageOne step closer to finishing the bathroom comes in the form of nearly free paint from our neighborhood home improvement shop. I wanted a color that would pull out the spice colors in the glass tile, but I was getting a little lazy with all the decisions that needed to be made (paint color for three rooms, grout color, hinges, etc). I decided to stop by the Family Discount Store on 6th Avenue in Des Moines, where they have gallons of paint for $5, white $8, to see what there was already mixed. I liked the idea that we could reuse a paint that someone else had already mixed, and I’m never upset about saving a few bucks on our way through tens of thousands of dollars of renovations.

I bought this paint color, thinking that it would be nice in a faux finish, mixed with some creamy white, but then once it got on the wall, I liked it so much in it’s intensity. Now I’m thinking I might do a coffee color glaze over the top of this in some sort of antique plaster look. The best part of this phase of the project? My husband asking me about the application of the glaze. My husband of almost 17 years, thinking that I have this whole thing planned out. Charming. Stay tuned for the yet-to-be-determined glaze…or my decision that it looks fine as it is and leaving it!


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